Friday, February 24, 2012

Ten Reasons Not to Join A Reformed Baptist Church

By James White summarized by Joel Taylor

1.You don’t get to leave after every sermon feeling good about yourself. You may even desire repentance.
2.You don’t get to hear the sermons in the same way you may be used to. It’s frequently verse by verse, maybe not even relevant to your current situation.
3.You don’t get to be entertained. We don’t want to entertain you.
4.You don’t get to go to church every weeknight for programs. We don’t have ‘em.
5.You don’t get to be ‘lost in the crowd’. We tend to have accountability to one another.
6.You don’t get to hear social commentary. Sermons are mostly biblical and serious.
7.We’re not considered ‘seeker-friendly’. We don’t believe in seekers. Apart from regeneration, they don’t exist.
8.You’re asked to apply the sermons to your life.
9.You’re asked to attend services regularly, to support your elders in prayer and give sacrificially to the advance of the Gospel.
10.You will experience conviction of sin with regularity.

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