Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Job 23:12
I have not departed from the commandment of His lips;
I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food.

Job experienced a tremendous time of testing. He essentially lost everything near and dear to him. He lost his wealth, his family, and his health. His response is quite unexpected. Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” (Job 13:15a).

What forged that iron will in Job to trust God in the midst of tragedy? What helped Job to continue to believe in the goodness of God when his entire world was falling apart? I believe that he valued God and His Word more than those things that he lost.

Note in Job 23:12 our text states that Job “treasured” God’s Word. The Hebrew word for treasure means to hide or store up. Job had filled his heart with treasure that could not be lost, stolen, or destroyed. The same Hebrew word for “treasured” is translated “hidden” in Psalm 119:11. “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.”

Job also indicates that this treasuring or hiding of God’s Word was a daily priority. He states that he treasured God’s Word more than his necessary food. I do not miss many meals unless I am sick or purposely fasting. Most days I will eat at least twice and with snacks three or four times more. If you do not feast on God’s Word daily it may indicate an unhealthy spiritual appetite. When the winds of adversity blow you need the strength to trust God. That spiritual strength is built up by the daily nourishment of His Word.

Jeremiah 15:16 Your words were found, and I ate them, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; For I am called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.

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