Monday, December 17, 2007

Rejoice in the Lord

" Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. For me to write the same things to you is not tedious, but for you it is safe." (Philippians 3:1, NKJV)

Even in a joyous time like the Christmas season there may be some circumstances that do not bring joy. When I was a child some good friends of mine lost their father due to a car accident on the day before Christmas. I could not imagine what it would be like to have the presents for dad still under the tree. I am sure that even to this day there is a degree of sadness that accompanies Christmas day for this family.

In our text Paul is not telling the church to put on a smiley face and pretend that evil circumstances or actions done by evil people do not hurt. Instead, Paul is calling reminding us to rejoice in the Lord. If our joy is contingent on our circumstances it will be short lived. If our joy is established in the hope we have in Christ it will transcend the biggest obstacles life throws our way.

This concept is not new, but it is something we need to be reminded of time and time again. The apostle Paul states, “for me to write the same things to you is not tedious.” As the gospel song says, “remind me dear Lord.”

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