Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dr Price

There is a saying in show business and advertising that “any news is good news.” I happened to be reading a web site dedicated to “KJVonlyism.” On that site one of the posters wrote a criticism of a book by Dr. James Price and linked to his web site. The good news, Dr. Price was my Hebrew professor in Seminary. I knew he had retired but did not know what he has been up to in the last several years. Thanks to that critical book review I was able to find Dr. Price’s web site and get caught up with what he has been doing in the last several years.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting Dr. Price, he happens not only to be one of the greatest Biblical Hebrew scholars of our time, but also a sincere servant of Jesus. I will never forget spending hours in his classes going over the Biblical text in Hebrew and seeing him emotionally caught up in the truths we were reviewing. Class time with Dr. Price was never a cold intellectual encounter with truth but rather introspection into the living Word of God.

One of the concepts Dr. Price would always challenge us to do was to “put the cookies” of truth on the lower shelf. Though we dealt with some complex issues in our exegesis we were instructed to make sure that the average person in the pew will not be overwhelmed by the exposition of Biblical truth. That theme rings true on his web site. For example, he has provided simple outlines of the entire Bible that are written clearly, concisely, correctly, and most importantly simply. Click on the following link to see for yourself.

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