Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tonight LABC has the privilege to present the choral group Majesty. The members of this group are college students from John MacArthur’s Masters College in Southern California.

In March I had the opportunity to attend the Shepherd’s fellowship, a pastor’s conference hosted by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church. We had an excellent time as we were challenged to continue to feature Biblical preaching in our ministries. In addition to excellent preaching we had the privilege of hearing excellent music. This connection led to Majesty arranging a visit with us today.

I am looking forward to being blessed by excellent God honoring music this evening. In addition I know we will also be blessed to see young men and women pursue ministry opportunities in music. No doubt tonight will be a time of mutual encouragement as we participate in glorifying God in worship.

Service time starts at 7:00 PM…you may want to arrive early.

Normally we have a time of extended prayer on Wednesday evening. This evening will focus on the concert however we will still take prayer requests and pray for those needs during the week. You can bring your request with you tonight or email them to

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