Thursday, June 5, 2008

Majestic Blessing

What a blessing! It was a privilege to host the choral group Majesty this year. The college students from Master’s College in Southern California did an excellent job sharing with us their testimony through singing and through various anecdotes. Special thanks to all who participated in inviting people and for providing for the needs of the music team. The students were encourage by your presence and will need your prayers over the next few weeks as they continue to proclaim the glory of Christ through music.

We housed the guys on campus. One of the students played bluegrass music and brought his mandolin so Tom got his Banjo and I got a guitar and the seven of us sang one song after another for about three hours. We had a great time but one of the tenors said he may have trouble singing at the next venue because of singing so much [I saw him the next morning and he had recovered so don’t be too alarmed. Besides it would have been worthwhile.]

In any case Tom and I helped those California boys get a real Southern twang in their tone. I think the next church in Alabama will be satisfied, but I think the school may not let them come out to the South to play again. J

Again the girls and guys of Majesty thank all of you for your support.

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