Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Creation Museum

This week our oldest daughter, a junior, had spring break. We decided to redeem the time by visiting the Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati.

The museum and it was impressive. You can see that they are still adding features and exhibits, but the displays they had available were well worth the visit. Apparently you can enter the front of the museum and watch a twenty minute video presentation with theatrical effects for no cost. You do not present your tickets to the museum until you enter the corridor leading to the displays.

The multi sensory film was worth the price of admission. They tastefully challenged the basic assumptions of evolution and posited creationism as a more sensible solution to answer the questions concerning our origin. The show was in the “men in white” theater. Two young angels dressed in white overalls presented the on screen rebuttal in a very creative way. This is a must see for any teenager subjected to the presuppositions of evolution.

As we continued through the various exhibits I noticed that they were well organized and helped to affirm the positions of creationism. The Noah’s Ark display was very intriguing. A portion of the Ark under construction was shown that helped one get a better feeling of how immense it was. In addition they had several smaller models that helped provide some perspective. The room also included some interactive items such as a touch screen computer for demonstration purposes.

The replicas of the various dinosaurs were well done. Throughout the various exhibits the explanations for dinosaurs and their ultimate extinction was clearly presented. The items on display were factually based and then referenced in Scripture. In fact the whole museum was a treasure trove of Biblical truth.

At this time the displays would be more appropriate for middle school children and upwards. I was told by some of the staff that they are working on more elementary displays with hands on experiences.

We stayed at the Country Inns & Suites which is near the Cincinnati Airport (It is actually in Northern Kentucky). They offered discounted tickets to the museum when we checked in. You may have heard that a lot of people opposed this museum because they taught creationism. But the first thing the hotel asked us when we checked in was if we were going to the museum. We soon discovered that most of the people here at this hotel at least while we were here went to the museum.

Perhaps they may have had a little less opposition if they realized how much this would boost the economy around here…then again maybe not. You really would not want young people realizing they actually were not a result of arbitrary forces or that there is actually purpose and meaning to this life? Or would you?

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